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Serbian Docs in Progress

Serbian Docs in Progress is a platform to present documentary projects from Serbia to international industry. The aim is to support the production, post-production, distribution, and visibility of Serbian documentaries at film festivals, on TV channels and VOD platforms by presenting the projects to festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, TV commissioning editors and potential co-producers.

Serbian Docs in Progress will showcase 5 projects in different stage of development or production. Every project will have 7 minutes to pitch including the trailer and it will be followed by a short Q&A.


Boogie and Demons / Bugi i demoni

Logline Documentary about Vladimir Milivojević Boogie, a famous street photographer, (, specifically about his work in Belgrade, a series of photographs created by a Wet plate-Collodion process, named “Demons”.

Synopsis Familiar with the most unusual deviations of human nature, Boogie is moving away from the street photography and in his Belgrade studio a work on a series of portraits in the technique of the collodion process, called Demons. This procedure is exclusively related to Belgrade. Unlike other cities where dark content is found in everyday life of people from margins in Belgrade, this content is found among acquaintances and friends, and due to long exposures characteristic of the Collodion wet process. With this exotic technique of the long overdue photographic process, Boogie manages to record something deeply, demonically and in the nature of the “ordinary” people portrayed. Boogie speaks of this process as an alchemical process that he says is able to record something “on the outside”.

Director’s Biography Ivan Šijak is professor at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. At Belgrade Rectorate of Arts leading professor, course on Digital image. Selected filmography: Director/ Cinematographer/VFX Supervisor: Blue Gypsy Emir Kusturica, Rasta Internacional. Promete moi Emir Kusturica, Rasta Internacional. 12 Nikita Mihalkov, 3T. Burnt by the Sun 2,3 Nikita Mihalkov, 3T. Director, Opera The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, BITEF 2001, music: Michael Nyman, New Moment.

Director Ivan Šijak
Producer Milan Kilibarda
Co-producer Jasmina Petković
Expected duration 80’
Shooting format Digital
Premiere end of 2019
Language English
Budget 107 000 EUR
Financing in place 47 000 EUR
Production country Serbia
Production company Mikijeva radionica
Partners attached Film Center Serbia
Contact Milan Kilibarda/Producer, + 381 65 322 3222,

Christina / Kristina

Logline A transgender sex worker lives with a cat and collects antiques. Her life becomes stressful after the arrival of an inspector who is chasing her and a stranger she falls in love with, but who disappears.

Synopsis After many years of serious battle, Christina`s sex has finally been adjusted to her gender identity. Today, she lives with her cat in a luxury home and invests her money into antiques and paintings. This film arises from the need for radical reassessment of the term love, similar to Plato’s reassessment in Symposium. Christina is an ideal protagonist because she “sells love” and buys antiques which she loves. She adores her family which consists of her transgender friends. She longs for true love from a man and searches for God’s unconditional love. And just when she thinks that she will finally find true love, her lover suddenly disappears. After an exciting journey, she finds him in a rural area, surrounded by family. Seeing him, she decides that it is best for her to back down, so she could protect him from herself.

Director’s Biography Nikola Spasić is a film director, editor and producer based in Novi Sad. In January 2017, his debut documentary film Why Dragan Gathered his Band premiered at the MiradasDoc Festival in Spain and has been shown at more than 40 festivals around the world. At one of the biggest Serbian festivals, Cinema City, it won the best film award. So far, the film has been shown on various TV stations including Al Jazeera Balkans, RTRS, HRT, RTS, etc.

Director Nikola Spasić
Producer Nikola Spasić, Milanka Gvoić
Co-producer David Evans
Expected duration 52’; 80’
Shooting format Digital
Expected delivery February 2021
Language Serbian
Budget 309.500 €
Financing in place 15.500 €
Production country Serbia, UK
Production company Rezon, Shoot from the Hip
Partners attached Serbian Office for Human and Minority Rights
Contact Nikola Spasić, Director/Producer, +381 62 199 17 05,

Do Not Come Home / Nemoj da se vraćaš

Logline University-educated truck drivers from eastern Europe roam the United States questioning their life choices. Was it worth leaving everything behind, just for the money?

Synopsis The characters of our film are neither particularly old nor quite young. They all have university degrees, but they do not perform the jobs they are qualified to perform. Despite loving their homeland, they don’t live there anymore. They are driving trucks across the USA. Driving through the wild and picturesque scenery across America, our characters communicate with their loved ones in the homeland. The truck cabin is the place where all their moments of happiness and sorrow are concentrated. Do not come home is a multilayered psychological, philosophical, political and social story interwined with intimacy and personal struggles of those who left and those who stayed. “Do not come home will take audience on an emotional journey colored by stunning sceneries of North America flavored by a dose of Balkan sense of humor.

Directors’s Biographies
Miloš Ljubomirović finished Master studies from Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Film and TV production program). Won 7 national and international awards for his short films, 4 of them with his master’s thesis that he both produced and directed – short film Shadows. Faculty of Dramatic Arts awarded that film with Dejan Kosanović Award for best film in Master studies. IDFAcademy and Sarajevo Talent Campus alumni.
Danilo Lazović (1985) is a producer, director, media and culture theorist. He has participated and initiated a variety of projects in various social and media fields. Graduated from the Academy of Arts and has a BA in – Production in Culture and Media, and Masters degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

Directors Miloš Ljubomirović, Danilo Lazović
Producer Miloš Ljubomirović, Danilo Lazović, Ivica Vidanović
Co-producer Jure Pavlović, Dagmar Sedláčková
Expected duration 90’, TV Hour
Shooting format Digital, 4K
Expected Delivery November 2020
Language Serbian, English
Budget € 312,975
Financing in place € 91,374
Production country Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic
Production company Cinnamon Films, Serbia
Co-production companies Sekvenca, Croatia, MasterFilm, Czech Republic
Partners attached Film Center Serbia
Contact Miloš Ljubomirović, Director/Producer, +381 64 6150 953,

Dream Collector // Dreams of Vladan Radovanović / Sakupljač snova // Snovi Vladana Radovanovića

Logline This is a documentary fairy tale about the two creators – Dreamer and Dream Transcriber – inhabiting the same physical membrane. We immerse into their stunning collection of dreams assembled throughout almost 70 years.

Synopsis Vladan Radovanović is an elderly man living in a small, yet scenic apartment filled with books, instruments and various art objects, together with his wife and a parrot. He sleeps, and after waking up, he often writes down the content of his previous dream. Later on he draws it, too, trying to capture it as accurately as possible. The apartment becomes the portal to Vladan’s dream world; the present melts into one with his memories, thoughts and creations. Gradually, we discover a unique, versatile artist: composer, painter, writer, theorist, art-syntetist, pioneer in electronic music and in several other fields of contemporary art. We follow Radovanović’s key life episodes, recollected from the “night diaries” that he has been keeping from 1953 onwards. At the age of 86 he still dreams, and the need to create is as strong as ever.

Director’s Biography Sonja Đekić was born in 1980 in Belgrade, where she works and lives today. She holds a MA degree in Film and TV directing from the Faculty of Drama Arts. Sonja has been passionately working on her documentary projects in many capacities (Joe Goes to Serbia, 2008, KOSMA, 2013, Speleonaut/Under The Stone Sky, 2018), while involved in several film festivals (Martovski, Grafest, Magnificent 7). Sonja recently founded the production company KEVA.

Director Sonja Đekić
Producer Sonja Đekić
Expected duration 70’
Shooting format 4K
Premiere winter 2020
Language Serbian with English subtitles
Budget 203,000 €
Financing in place 21,000 €
Production country Serbia
Production company KEVA
Contact Sonja Đekić, Director/Producer, +381 63 108 0605,

The Box / Kutija

Logline Political ready-made comedy with real consequences exploring the basic nature of politics by looking into one of the strangest periods in Serbian.

Synopsis The Box is a documentary film about one of the strangest times in modern Serbian history. After the 45 years of the communist, single party governance in Serbia, in July 1990 political parties gained legal status. Due to the decades-old single-party system, opposition naïvely and comically pioneers its pluralistic beginnings. By using imprecise and subjective memories of protagonists and a bizarre and humorous prism of the 1990. election media campaign landscape, public gatherings, so as interviews with the presidential candidates and party members, specially prepared and conducted for the film, The Box aims to engage the viewer to assess the current political momentum , the ongoing process of democratization and to investigate the basic nature of politics, and question the basic notions of what actually is “political”.

Director Luka Papić
Producer Srđa Vučo
Expected duration 85 ’
Shooting format HD
Expected Delivery Early 2020
Language Serbian
Budget 113.940,00 EUR
Financing in place 22.000,00 EUR (19%)
Production country Serbia
Production company Cinnamon Films
Contact Luka Papić / Director, +381 64 400 7054,