Beldocs in Progress 2018 Jury:




Donatien Pierda joined Java in 2008, having previously worked in distribution for two years at Europe Images International. He oversees Java’s expansion into Asia, as well as managing some European countries, the French speaking and East European markets. Last year, he was on the Jury of the Jihlava Film Festival and he represents Java at numerous festivals and markets like IDFA and Krakow. In his spare time, he acts and writes plays in Paris.



Dragan Nikolić achived a great success as a complete author of documentary films – The Undertaker (IDFA 2013), The Caviar Connection (IDFA 2008) and The National Park (IDFA 2006) and a co-author of a short fiction film Run Rabbit Run, which received the first award in Cinefondation Competition at Festival de Cannes (2003).



Sarita Matijević, manager & producer in Playground – independent tv and film production group based in Serbia, founded in 2006. Since her professional start at TV Novi Sad (1991), she has been involved in more than 30 television and film projects (domestic & international co-productions), on assignments with different production responsibilities (production manager, producer, executive producer).

Beldocs in Progress (BIP) is a platform designed for representing documentary projects to the national and international movie market.


The main goal is to support production, post-production, distribution and presence of Serbian documentary genre on local and international film festivals, TV channels, online services etc. by presentation to the programming executives, editors in chief, festival directors, producers, distributors, broadcasters and potential co-producers.

Two best projects chosen by the jury will be awarded with 2,000 euro award for the best pitch thanks to the support of Film Center Serbia and award 4,000 euro worth post-production services by Living Pictures company based in Belgrade.

You can find the complete list of projects on this link.