EDN Events

Yugoslav Film Archive
1 Uzun Mirkova Street, Belgrade

Multimedia Room

Wednesday 9 May, 2018




Media and Society – Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape

Moderated by Paul Pauwels, EDN Chair Officer

New technologies have turned the power structure within the documentary environment around and the media influence on the audience’s thoughts, values and behaviour is stronger than ever. All those who work in the field of directing, producing, distributing and broadcasting documentaries are experiencing a societal and political shift that forces us all to reflect on the role of media (i.e. documentary) in a global mediatised society. Will the new distribution platforms and the new players on the market offer innovative ways to finance, produce and distribute documentaries, or will they make life even harder? What are the challenges and the opportunities that are awaiting us? That is the subject of the meeting and discussion day during which we will bring together different stakeholders of the documentary community to analyse the current situation and to reflect on the future.




Telling Real Life Stories for Kids and Youth

Run by Ove Rishøj Jensen, EDN Film and Media Consultant

The seminar will take a closer look at telling real life stories to younger audiences. This is a target audience being the first generation born into navigating a media landscape of abundance rather than a landscape of scarcity. Choices are only a swipe away and are close to endless. During this seminar we will offer a closer look at the challenges and opportunities our new media structures bring when addressing digital natives.