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Beldocs Kids&Youth Development Workshop focuses on documentaries for younger audience. The workshop will have an intimate setting with the teams of six selected projects that are currently in development. Target group for these future films is younger audience. The short-term goal is to strengthen the projects’ quality and provide the teams with the best possible route for international funding and distribution. The long-term goal is to educate leading creators to better navigate the international market for kids and youth documentaries.

The workshop will also accept several participants without a project. They can take part in the whole workshop day and gain knowledge from the discussions. Only difference is not having their own project developed.

Preceding the workshop is a full day seminar intended to be inspiration for both creators, funders, broadcasters, distributors and curators of documentaries. The first day is open to all interested parties and will approach the subject matter from a broader perspective. The aim is to inspire, encourage and motivate all sides of the documentary sector to strengthen the quality of documentaries for younger audiences. Not only in terms of the content but also in the ways of engaging and reaching this audience segment.

Tutors 2019

Ove Rishøj Jensen has been with EDN since Winter 2003 and oversees workshops, pitching forums and seminars in both online and offline versions. Ove has programmed and/or produced various events like Docs in Thessaloniki, Twelve for the Future and lately also EDN’s market activities at EFM, Sunny Side of the Doc and MIPDOC. He has tailor made master classes, seminars and workshops. Ove was heading the process of building a EDN web platform. It has resulted in formats like EDN Online Master Classes and EDN Online Sessions and The EDN Online Pitching Session.

Meike Statema finished her MA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam and started working for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). She is now IDFA’s Head of Education, responsible the festival programs for young audiences like the extensive school program and the selection of children’s documentaries in the international Kids & Docs competition. Besides, she is responsible for the talent development activities labeled under IDFAcademy, including the IDFAcademy Summer School, where 100 participants gain up-to-date market knowledge of the documentary industry and get inspired by renowned masters.

Projects 2019


Logline Life was not easy on the Divas. At the edge of their adoulthood they got a second chance in a new high-school. During the process till the final exams we understand what’s behind their perfect make-up.

Director Kőrösi Máté
Producers Csukás Borbála, Muhi András Pires
Expected duration 70/52 ’
Shooting format 4K
Expected Delivery September 2019
Language Hungarian
Budget 80,000.00 €
Financing in place 27,000.00 €
Production country Hungary
Production company ELF Pictures
Contact Borbála Csukás / Producer, +36 70 942 42 70,

Hey! Teachers! / День Учителя (Den’ Uchitelya)

Logline Little has changed here since Soviet times. The young teachers encounter difficult students, hostile colleagues, and conservative parents. Will the young enthusiasts be able to win their trust and shake up the traditional culture?

Director Yulia Vishnevets
Producer Eugenia Vengerova
Expected duration 52’/90’
Shooting format HD
Premiere 2019
Language Russian
Budget 80 000 €
Financing in place 28 700 €
Financing deferred 15 000 €
Production country Russia
Production company OkaReka
Contact Eugenia Vengerova / Producer,, +79 10 455 036

Max, The Voluntourist

Logline Max is a naïve, idealistic and (mostly) fictional millennial whose real-world journey as a volunteer in Africa reveals the questionable motivations and warped power relations behind the global volunteer-tourism trend.

Director Leo David Hyde
Producer Leo David Hyde
Expected duration 52’ and 70’
Shooting format HD Digital
Language English
Budget 100,000 EUR
Financing in place 25,000 €
Production countries New Zealand, Switzerland
Production company Collective Bièvre
Contact Leo David Hyde, +337 70 059 557


Logline The travelling through a coming of age portrait of Roma. A life transforming of a boy from dysfunctional gypsy family to an adult that makes his first life steps.

Director Olga Zhurba
Producers Viktoriia Khomenko, Darya Bassel
Expected duration 75’
Shooting format 4K
Premiere 2021
Language Ukrainian, Russian
Budget 80 000 €
Financing in place 204 780 EUR
Financing deferred 24 780 EUR
Production country Ukraine
Production company GEM FILMS
Contact Viktoriia Khomenko / Producer, +380 97 469 87 65, Darya Bassel / Producer, +380 93 906 13 42,

Tell Them About Us

Logline In the periphery of Berlin, an Arab filmmaker embarks on a journey with teenage Arab, Afghani, Roma and Kurdish immigrant girls to ponder themselves and their new home country.

Director Rand Beiruty
Writer Rand Beiruty
Producer Lean Daun
Expected duration 70’
Shooting format 1.85:1
Expected Delivery Nov. 2021
Language German, Arabic, Romanian and Farsi
Budget 85,000 EUR
Financing in place 27,000.00 €
Production company Reynad Films
Production country Germany
Contact Rand Beiruty,

Underage Astronaut

Logline It’s a film about a girl who lost her home and her friends and tried to find it all during an adventure that brought her to a moon base.

Director Aleksandra Skowron
Producer Mirosław Skowron
Expected duration 40’, 52’ and 80’
Shooting format 4K
Expected Delivery 2020
Language Polish, Ukrainian, English
Budget 80 000 €
Financing in place 154 000 Euro
Financing deferred 70 000 Euro
Production countries Poland, Ukraine
Production company Mediolia sp z o.o.
Contact Miroslaw Skowron / Producer, +48 668 541 439,,