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João Pedro Rodrigues opens the selection ‘Meteors’!
News - 05.05.2018

One of the leading contemporary directors, Portuguese João Pedro Rodrigues, will be special guest at the 11th Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival, and will open a new programme category ’Meteors’.

The ‘Meteors’ selection will be screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade and at the new building of the Yugoslav Film Archive in Uzun Mirkova Street. The selection consists of hybrid genres, arthouse films and documentaries. In addition to Rodrigues’s films, some of the titles from the selection are works by long-recognized authors Jean-Marie Strob, James Bening and Miguel Gomez.

João Pedro Rodrigues is known to the Belgrade audience for the film “Ornithologist”, shown at the FAF in 2016, for which he won the Golden Leopard for Best Director at Locarno.

His aesthetics is characterized by the exploration of human passions in an eternal way through the constant mixing of dreams and reality, as well as the reexamination of sexuality and attitude towards Christianity, deeply embedded in Portuguese and European society. João’s films operate according to the principle of symbols, visual freedom and subtle narratives, prone to genre cross-overs and deconstructions of myths.

Still from the film ’’Where Do You Stand Now, João Pedro Rodrigues?’’

Within the program category of ‘Meteors’, May 8th at 6 pm, in the new building of the Yugoslav Film Archive in 1 Uzun Mirkova Street, two of his films will be shown: “Where Do You Stand Now, João Pedro Rodrigues?” and “The Last Time I saw Macao”. After the screening of the films, the audience will be able to speak with João within the QA session.

João Pedro Rodrigues will stay in Belgrade from 8 to 11 May 2018.

Still from the film “The Last Time I saw Macao”