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Goodbye CP

Kazuo Hara, Japan, 1972, 82'

For 82 minutes, without outside narration or comment, Hara’s camera studies Yokota Hiroshi, a Japanese cerebral palsy victim. In a culture that prizes conformity, suffering from a debilitating illness with all sorts of outward physical manifestations is doubly hard – a fact director Kazuo Hara hammers home in this documentary about Japanese sufferers of cerebral palsy. Shot in a harsh style (with out-of-sync sound and grainy black-and-white photography), the film lets its subjects tell their own stories — in the process revealing much about Japanese society.

Director Kazuo Hara
Producer Sachiko Kobayashi
Camera Kazuo Hara

09.05 / 21.00 / Yugoslav Film Archive / Q&A
Kazuo Hara, Miroljub Stojanović
12.05 / 16.30 / Art cinema Kolarac