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Meeting Gorbachev

Werner Herzog, Andre Singer, UK, US, Germany, 2018, 90'

It’s the first time that Herzog focuses so directly on a politician, though he makes no bones about his admiration for the now 87-year-old statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner. By the same token, it’s a first for Mikhail Gorbachev, too, to let himself be questioned by an artist who avowedly is looking for a sound that’s different from what a professional journalist wants to hear and provoke. In his latest documentary, Herzog follows significant stations of Gorbachev’s political and personal career on a new quest for ecstatic moments behind factual truths.

Director Werner Herzog, Andre Singer
Producer Lucki Stipetic, Svetlana Palmer
Camera Yuri Burak
Editing Michael Ellis

Festivals Toronto 2018, Telluride 2018; DOK Leipzig 2018; Ji.hlava IDFF 2018

14.05 / 20.00 / Belgrade youth center