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Saints, Savo & Serbia

Savo Tufegdžić, Srbija, Serbia, South Africa, 2019, 86'

Savo, born South African, first visited Serbia, the country of his parents’ origin in 2010, meeting for the first time his cousins. Since, he has returned 14 times, learning more about family’s history and that of the country. In 2017, he decided to document his journey, tracing his father’s roots, from Bosnia in the mid 1700’s to their settlement up in the mountains of Stance, near Kraljevo.

Director Savo Tufegdžić
Producer Savo Tufegdžić
Camera Savo Tufegdžić, Ana Tufegdžić, Davor Ilić
Editing Savo Tufegdžić, Steven Grant White

World premiere

12.05 / 16.30 / Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive – Kosovska / Q&A
Savo Tufegdžić, Mladen Vušurović