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The Sun Sets in the East

Alexander Belinski, Agne Dovydaityte, Lithuania, 2018, 82'

The Sun Sets in the East is a poetic documentary about the daily life of a Soviet peasant. His devotion to God and family trouble are recorded in his diary from 1984, passages of which are read by his granddaughter. The diary contrasts with the static shots of decaying present-day rural Lithuania. It is a film not just about the period before the fall of the Soviet Union, but also about the struggle of a man of faith to keep his life stable at a time of rapid changes.

Director Alexander Belinski, Agne Dovydaityte
Producer Agne Dovydaityte
Camera Alexander Belinski
Editing Alexander Belinski

Festivals Ji.hlava IDFF 2018, Between the Seas 2018

Regional premiere

10.05 / 16.30 / Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive – Kosovska / Q&A
Agne Dovydaityte, Alexander Belinski, Marko Grba Singh