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The Smelting of Time

Juan Alvarez Neme, Uruguay, 2019, 97'

An encounter between a girl and a tree doctor in NagasakiĀ“s forest. A horse tamer searches for a wild animal across a timeless wasteland. This essay observes (and imagines) the relationship between humanity and bestiality, horror and resistance. The laws of nature and redemption construct this spectral universe that is at the same time as definite as the hands that plant, tame, pacify and relieve.

Director Juan Alvarez Neme
Producer Virginia Bogliolo
Camera Juan Alvarez Neme
Editing Juan Alvarez Neme

Festivals Bafici 2019

Regionalna premijera

11.05 / 21.00 / Kombank cinema Hall 6 / Q&A
Juan Alvarez Neme, Marko Grba Singh