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We Are the Sons of Your Rocks

Ivan Salatić, Montenegro, 2018, 33'

An old man lives in a small village in the north of Montenegro. He is troubled by the story of his father, which he heard when he was a boy. At the end of WWII, an Italian officer was captured by the partisans, and soon after shot and buried close to the old man’s house. There is no tomb or trace; no real proof that the story is true. However, he is afraid of digging to see if any bones lie underneath. He turns to the remaining villagers in order to find out the truth. There are two men older than him, but their stories don’t always match and are not easy to comprehend.

Director Ivan Salatić
Producers Ivan Salatić, Dušan Kasalica
Camera Ivan Marković
Editing Jelena Maksimović

Festivals Doclisboa 2018

Regional premiere

11.05 / 17.00 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade / Q&A