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A God’s Shadow

Bernhard Hetzenauer, Mexico, Austria, Germany, 2017, 20'

A barren hill country in Mexico where the Huicholes live their isolated lives is shown in grainy black and white shots. Chon, a member of the Native Mexican Wirrárika community, tells the story of his cousin Faustino, son of the shaman of an indigenous settlement called La Mora. He looks silently at the camera while his off-screen voice is telling a dreadful story. While high on peyote, Chon’s cousin believed he was a god. This “god” captured forty people, friends and family, and then committed a horrible blood bath.

Director Bernhard Hetzenauer
Producer Marko Mijatović
Camera Bernhard Hetzenauer
Editing Bernhard Hetzenauer

Festivals UNAM 2018, Vienna 2017

11.05 / 17.00 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade