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Dreaming the Memories of Now

Geska Brečević, Robert Brečević, Mexico, Croatia, Iceland, Sweden, 2018, 95'

Film leads us through a stunning and profound exploration of the artistic process of creation and an ethereal declaration of love for a place. Stretching the genre of documentary, this experimental essay-film is a composition of far-ranging thoughts, sun- drenched images and scenes of mystery, guided by the poetic voice of the narrator and a gripping, visceral sound-scape. Trying to stop time by recording memories for posterity is true vanity.

Directors Geska Brečević, Robert Brečević
Producer Geska Brečević
Camera Geska Brečević, Robert Brečević
Editing Robert Brečević

Festivals Reykjavik Visions 2019, European Cinematography Awards 2018

Regional premiere

11.05 / 17.30 / Yugoslav Film Archive / Q&A
Geska Helena, Robert Brečević, Igor Stanojević