Ruins | Beldocs


Manuel Mozos, Portugal, 2009, 60'

Fragments of spaces and times, remains of eras and places only inhabited by memories and ghosts. Traces of things changed by time, the elements, nature and human action itself. With time, everything ceases being and possibly transforms into everything else. Places that stopped making sense, stopped being necessary and fashionable. Forgotten places, obsolete, uninhabitable, empty.

Director Manuel Mozos
Producer O Som e a Fúria
Camera Luís Miguel Correia, João Nicolau,
Sandro Aguilar
Editing Telmo Churro

Festivals Buenos Aires 2010, IndieLisboa 2009

Regional premiere

12.05 / 20.00 / Yugoslav Film Archive / Q&A
Manuel Mozos, Marko Grba Singh