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Rio Corgo

Maya Kosa & Sergio da Costa, Switzerland, Portugal, 2015, 95'

Silva, an old drifter, arrives at a small and isolated Portuguese village where he meets the young Ana. They develop a relation in between friendship and initiation. Fascinated by that wondrous man, Ana progressively falls into his universe. A life populated by supernatural figures including her long lost friend Carolina. But strange fits weaken Silva, bringing him to the hospital, where a dozen women start inhabiting him. Will they save him?

Director Maya Kosa & Sergio da Costa
Producer Joƫlle Bertossa
Camera Sergio da Costa
Editing Telmo Churro, Sergio da Costa, Maya Kosa

Festivals DocLisboa 2015, Berlinale 2016, Locarno 2016

Regional premiere

13.05 / 17.30 / Yugoslav Film Archive