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Greetings from Free Forests

Ian Soroka, US, Slovenia, Croatia, 2018, 98'

Drifting through the densely forested landscape of southern Slovenia — Greetings From Free Forests, like a lifting fog, reveals a refuge of embedded historical memory. The film travels alongside the testimonies of local hunters, foresters, cavers, and foragers among others—orbiting around an absence left by radical struggle after it has come to fruition and since faded.

Director Ian Soroka
Producers Sarah Noor Phoenix, Barbara Rosenberg,
Ian Soroka, Anna Winter
Camera Ian Soroka
Editing Ian Soroka

Festivals DocLisboa 2018,
Festival of Slovenian Film 2018

14.05 / 18.00 / Yugoslav Film Archive / Q&A
Ian Soroka, Marko Grba Singh