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War of Religions In My Family

Nedim Lončarević, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018, 38'

At a time when religious conflicts are taking place on a global level, this documentary explores the microcosm of a Bosnian family, the Milišić. People who carry the same family name Milišić: Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims, are trying to uncover the family legend of a common ancestor named Miliša. Who are we? Where do we come from? The portrait of the family Milišić is the portrait of today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina and its inhabitants.

Director Nedim Lončarević
Producer OKO Sarajevo
Camera Nedim Lončarević
Editing Alen Fukelj

Festivals Sarajevo film festival (SFF), Festival UNAFF San Francisko, Zlatna,

World premiere

11.05 / 16.30 /Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive – Kosovska / Q&A
Nedim Loncarević, Mladen Vušurović