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The Last Male on Earth

Floor van der Meulen, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, 2019, 72'

There is only one male northern white rhino left in the world, and his days are numbered. His name is Sudan, and after 42 years on this planet he has lived his – and his species’ – life to the very end. Protected from poachers by armed bodyguards around the clock, but also surrounded by journalists, tourists with selfie sticks, and scientists who are determined to find a way to reproduce him before it’s too late.

Director Floor van der Meulen
Producers Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze  
Camera Christian Paulussen
Editing Thomas Vroege, Patrick Schonewille

Festivals CPH:DOX 2019

Regional premiere

14.05 / 16.00 / Belgrade youth center