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Cops Are Actors

Tova Mozard, Sweden, US, 2018, 20'

The film consists of scenes of men in police uniforms doing their work, struggling both with the performance and the surrounding environment. The backdrop for the stage, the American mountainous landscape, offers a strange setting for the LAPD, Los Angeles Police Department. Stumbling around in a deserted park, the policemen seem lost and abandoned to nature. ”I wanted to deconstruct and explore the police officer we know from the movies, like stripping a schablon, to see where the schablon meets the human being and how the human being uses different roles, exercising the profession.” (Tova Mozard)

Director Tova Mozard
Producer Andreas Nordblom
Camera Tova Mozard
Editing Tova Mozard

Festivals Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival 2018, Uppsala
International Short Film Festival 2018

11.05 / 21.30 / Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive – Kosovska
13.05 / 18.30 / Art cinema Kolarac