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Hale County This Morning, This Evening

RaMell Ross, USA, 2018, 76'

The Black Belt in the Southern United States is known for its history of slavery and poverty. RaMell Ross, who worked here as a teacher and basketball coach for years, paints a more multifaceted picture in his debut feature documentary. With the warm, intimate eye of an insider, Ross captures the community of Hale County by pointing his camera at a few of its members. Over the course of five years, he follows the college student and basketball player Daniel Collins, the young father Quincy Bryant, and the people in their lives.

Director RaMell Ross
Producers Danny Glover, Susan Rockefeller, Tony Tabatznik, Laura Poitras, Charlotte Cook
Camera RaMell Ross
Editing RaMell Ross

Festivals Sundance Film Festival 2018,
Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2019

11.05/ 18.00 / Belgrade youth center
12.05 / 19.00 / Cineplexx Ušće