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I have nothing nice to tell you

Goran Dević, Croatia, 2006, 30'

A film that has the outer structure of the noir trilera, deals with a war crime committed in the center of the city, and actually portrays a community that will have to deal with what has been done in her name. War, night, female movie.

Director Goran Dević
Producer Nenad Puhovski
Camera Jure Černec
Editing Vanja Siruček

Festivals DokMa Maribor 2006,
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2007, Dokumentart Neubrandenburg Film Festival 2007,
ZagrebDox 2006; DOKAVIV – Tel Aviv 2007;
DOK Leipzig 2013 – retrospective programme Storm!

12.05 / 18.00 / Yugoslav Film Archive / Q&A