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So Help Me God

Yves Hinant, Jean Libon, Belgium, France, 2017, 100'

An examining magistrate, Gruwez allowed the filmmakers to follow her for more than three years. We see her as she meets with repeat offenders at her office (“It’s nice when satisfied customers come back”). We witness her quirky relationship with the police investigators working on a cold case (she asks them to turn on their siren when she wants to get somewhere quickly) and even glimpse her home life, playing with her pet white rat.

Director Yves Hinant, Jean Libon
Producer Bertrand Faivre  
Camera Didier Hill-Derive
Editing Françoise Tourmen

Festivals Palm Springs 2018, San Sebastián 2017

Regional premiere

10.05 / 17.00 / Kombank cinema Hall 6 / Q&A
Yves Hinant, Miroljub Stojanovic