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MS Valentina

Melanie Hollaus, Austria, 2019, 80'

A film about the day to day life on board the cargo ship MS Valentina. A Romanian family is living in their home made of steel including a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms and a bathroom. The seaman is housed in a three by three metres coach. The cargo compartment is filled with 890 tons of fertiliser. The life of the family is firmly connected with the river. The water rules all of their life and work. But collisions and dangerous waters are part of the daily routine as well.

Director Melanie Hollaus
Producer Melanie Hollaus
Camera Christoph Lammerhuber
Editing Melanie Hollaus

World Premiere

12.05 / 18.30 / Muzej Jugoslovenske kinoteke – Kosovska / Q&A
Melanie Holaus, Christoph Lammer Huber, Miroljub Stojanović