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My Unknown Soldier

Anna Kryvenko, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, 2018, 79'

Documentarian Anna Kryvenko offers an unusual perspective on the 1968 occupation of Czechoslovakia. She conceived My Unknown Soldier as an audio-visual diary, through which she revisits the events of the time with rare archive material and her own commentary. Her great-uncle was a soldier in the occupying forces; he committed suicide shortly after his return from Czechoslovakia. Kryvenko’s own Ukrainian origin earns her first-hand experience of the Czechs’ deep-seated hatred of Russian-speaking people.

Director Anna Kryvenko
Producers Michal Kráčmer, Sergei Serpuhov, Wanda Adamik Hrycova
Camera Radka Sisuláková
Editing Daria Chernyak

Festivals Ji.hlava 2018, Zagreb Dox 2019

10.05 / 18.30 / Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive - Kosovska