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Roi Soleil

Albert Serra, Spain, Portugal, 2018, 62'

In front of the visitors of an art gallery, an actor stages the slow agony of the French monarch Louis XIV, until his final death, in a physical and psychological challenge of remarkable complexity. ROI SOLEIL is a reflection on the visual meaning of the actor's visage, and the deep mystery behind all genuine representation. The three essential dimensions of this dying body, the person, the actor (the vain person who is aware of being filmed) and the character, are questioned and merged with sensuality and innocence.

Director Albert Serra
Producers Albert Serra, Joaquim Sapinho
Camera Artur Tort
Editing Ariadna Ribas, Albert Serra

Festivals FID Marseille 2018, Ji.hlava 2018

13.05 / 16.00 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade