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As one of the most important documentarists from the Balkans, Goran Dević mostly focuses on anthropological cross-section of Croatia which reflects the region, remembering former Yugoslavia.

Contemporary Serbian documentary filmmaking abounds with both original and stylistically diverse, but nevertheless provocative works.

A program composed of 10 outstanding titles of bold authors who lay the foundations of a new pantheon of documentary cinema.

Tales of rapturing, noble or dynamic people and events, which prove that even seemingly small stories can, in their essence, be magnificent.

Just like meteor showers illuminate a night sky, this category of radical arthouse documentaries, hybrid genres and docu- fictional forms represents some sort of lighthouse of auteur cinema.

Like the front page of a newspaper, these films presents current global political and sociological events.

Anthropological and geographical survey of both densely populated as well as virtually unpopulated areas all around the planet.

Special program of films and panel discussions with eminent experts on the topics of judicature, justice and being just.

True cinematic stories about contemporary or historically significant people who shaped our society.

Multi-coloured film explosions that constitute this programme exhibit powerful, breathtaking and exceptionally cinematic esthetic approaches.

In cooperation with the DocLisboa festival, Beldocs presents a selection of seven films representing the best of Portugal’s documentary cinema, then and now.

The award-winners, the acclaimed directors, the dynamic storytelling – a rollercouster of thrills and emotions.

Throughout more than forty years of his career, Kazuo Hara has explored the margins of Japanese society, certain that central truths are to be found in fringe phenomena.

Films that represent a broad spectrum of different musicians and performers, ranging from classical music to country, pop and rock’n’roll.

Two exceptional films that make an interesting duo due to their religious themes.


Video games, immersive simulations and unforgettable VR experience.