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The Stone Speakers

Igor Drljača, Canada, Bosnia & Hercegovina, 2018, 92'

Present-day Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country still reeling from the civil war in the early 90s. The Bosnian economy never recovered, and the country remains divided. In order to cope, many towns have transformed themselves into unique tourist destinations that bring together history, religion, politics and folklore. The Stone Speakers explores four towns in Bosnia-Herzegovina through their tourism, slowly unravelling these competing narratives.

Director Igor Drljača
Producers Igor Drljača, Albert Shin
Camera Amel Djikolie
Editing Igor Drljača

Festivals Toronto 2018, Berlin 2019

14.05 / 17.00 / Kombank cinema Hall 6 / Q&A
Igor Drljača, Marko Grba Singh