Extinction | Beldocs


Salomé Lamas, Portugal, Germany, 2018, 86'

Kolja is one of the half-million inhabitants who have been living in a twilight zone for a quarter of a century. He's a staunch nationalist, but he has faith in the support of Russia and also has a Moldavian passport. As he travels through a country where monuments keep the communist past alive, he talks to border guards and a foreigner whom we hear but don’t see. Sometimes the screen goes blank and only the voices remain. Extinction reveals a situation of political limbo, between reality and dream. Director Salomé Lamas describes her black-and-white film as “para-fiction.”

Director Salomé Lamas
Producers Sandro Aguilar, Luis Urbano,
Salomé Lamas
Camera Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
Editing Telmo Churro, Francisco Moreira

Festivals IDFA 2018, Montreal 2018, CPH: DOX 2018

12.05 / 17.00 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade