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María Antón Cabot, Spain, 2019, 67'

In summer the parks are full of thighs, arms and navels of youngsters that search for love and the awakening of desire. Among all these characters, Ana looks around her sideways while she flirts on Tinder. From the nerves, from the laughter, from the guts. This is the only way to feel love and desire.

Director María Antón Cabot
Producer Carlos Pardo Ros
Camera Ana Catalá
Editing María Antón Cabot

Festivals Dok Leipzig 2018, Sevilla 2018 (Deluxe award)

09.05 / 17.00 / Art cinema Kolarac / Q&A
Maria Anton Cabot, Carlos Padro Ros, Marina Maesso, Jelena Gavrilović
10.05 / 16.30 / Art cinema Kolarac
10.05 / 18.30 / Arena Cineplex - Novi Sad