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A film by Goran Dević awarded at Beldocs
News - 18.05.2019

The jury’s task was extremely difficult as 15 exceptional and very diverse short films were competing for this award. Instead of a singular special mention, the jury would like to acknowledge, encourage and extend gratitude to the films and their authors that sent us on a journey; from transcendental landscapes of the mind of a Turkish clairvoyant to a sincere confession of abuse, violence and grief mingled with a longing for spirituality in an indigenous community in Mexico. The journey took us to the Balkans, where the remnants of the past vanish in flames on the rocky highlands of Montenegro and heroes become traitors and then heroes again through cinematic reinterpretations of a historical event in Romania.
At the end of this filmic journey we reach the present and a film that profoundly questions the contemporary political landscape and illustrates the hypocrisy of a system that is capable of limiting one’s rights under the guise of progress.

For its daring, raw, delicately humorous, intelligently layered and, above all, compassionate approach to portraying a determined yet unfortunate character that leaves you no choice but to empathize with his struggle.

The Best short film award goes to the film “U ime Republike Hrvatske” by Goran Dević.

Regarding the award, Goran Dević said:
– “I am extremely happy and satisfied since my films are primarily made for people living in this region. When the film becomes accepted and recognized in the area that has a great significance to me, all of the troubles we encountered during filming become irrelevant. Many thanks to Beldocs for giving us the opportunity to screen the film.”