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Holding Clouds

Sara Pathirane, Finland, China, 2018, 9'

Holdind Clouds depicts a choreography on Huangshan the Yellow Mountain in China. The mount Huang is famous from the old chinese shan shui – mountain-water ink paintings. Still now the landscape gathers people to witness it. The view itself is often covered in clouds, only a peak of a mountain hovering in the sight. Still a thousand photos are taken there daily. People pose for photos infront of the landscape. The rythm of gestures done by the visitors, the reaching out, pointing, holding the air and touching the mountains formulates a choreography for the mountain.

Director Sara Pathirane
Producer Sara Pathirane
Camera Sara Pathirane
Editing Sara Pathirane

Festivals Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin,
Paris 2018

14.05 / 18.00 / Yugoslav Film Archive