Beldocs Human Rights 2018
Human Trafficking – Genocide – Death Penalty
70 Years of the Declaration of Human Rights 


Moderated Discussions
Kolarac People’s University
5 Studentski trg 


Armenian Genocide – In Search for the Truth or Revenge
May 9, 2018 / 12:00

PANELISTS: Predrag Marković (historian), Prof. dr Ratko Božović (sociologist), Zoran Živković (politician), Ljubica Miletić (a member of the Writers’ Association of Armenia and member of the Executive Board of the Armenian community), Anica Melikijan Šolaja (descendant of Armenian victims).
MODERATOR: Dragan Popović (Policy Center)
TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: How does the genocide affects the collective memory of a nation? What are the consequences of such a huge and traumatic event? The attitude towards Armenians in Serbia. The importance of the symbolic act of recognition of the genocide by other countries, including Serbia. Influence the genocide had on forming and development of the Armenian community in Serbia.


Human Trafficking – Don`t be a Part of the Statistics!
May 10, 2018 / 12:00

PANELISTS: Mitar Đuršković (MUP R.Serbia), Katarina Ivanovic (NGO Astra), Danijela Barjaktarović (Center for the protection of victims of trafficking), Jane Wells (author of the film “Tricked”), Giuseppe Carrieri (author of the film “Hanaa”), Danilo Marunović (author of the film “Mirsada”).
MODERATOR: Miša Stojiljković
TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: What has Serbia specifically done as a country in the field of fighting against the human trafficking and what are the plans for the future period? How many victims are identified so far in the work of the Center for the Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking and what are the trends – what is the number of local citizens in comparison to the foreign ones, what is the number of adults and what of the minors? What are the experiences of the Astra with their SOS open line? What kind of legal services are provided to the citizens? Unique European number for reporting disappearances of the children.


Death Penalty – A Final Judgement or a True Repentance
May 11, 2018 / 12:00

PANELISTS: Toma Fila (lawyer), Biljana Lajović, (Deputy Minister of Education), Mark Pizzey (author of the film “The Penalty”).
MODERATOR: Miša Stojiljković
TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: Why is this subject still raising a huge discussions in USA and why more than a half of the federal states still has a death penalty? What do psychologists think about a death penalty and what in general is the role of penalty in a process of correction? What is the attitude of the legal profession towards the subject and why is a death penalty abolished in almost all European Countries? What is the general opinion about the occasional debates about the possibility to re-implement a death penalty for certain crimes in Serbia and other.