Centar | Beldocs


Ivan Marković, Serbia, Germany, 2018, 49'

The architecture of the building still communicates a past idea of the future, while the materials reveal its current state. The vast complex of corridors, atriums and halls now feel almost abandoned. Through their relentless effort, the maintenance workers shoulder the duty of restoring what the space was imagined to be. Their movements are unison, ritual but also their own.

Director Ivan Marković
Producer Jelena Radenković
Editing Jelena Maksimović, Ivan Marković

Festivals DocLisboa 2018

Regional Premiere

13.05 / 19.00 / Kombank cinema Hall 6 / Q&A
Sead Šabotić, Ivan Marković, Marko Grba Singh
14.05 / 19.00 / Cinema Fontana
15.05 / 16.30 / Art Cinema Kolarac