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The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On

Kazuo Hara, Japan, 1987, 122'

Kazuo Hara’s masterpiece about Kenzo Okuzaki, an atypical veteran of the Second World War, one of only 30 surviving members of the rebellion who fought in New Guinea as an occupying army. He is engaged in discovering the conspiracy committed by his compatriots during the war, such as the killing of fellow men and even cannibalism. This unique and unusual (post-war) documentary in Berlin at the Berlinale was wrapped up with the “Caligari” prize, at the time of the premiere in Japan, provoked controversy and disgrace of the establishment there.

Director Kazuo Hara
Producer Sachiko Kobayashi
Camera Kazuo Hara
Editing Jun Nabeshima

Festivals Berlinale 1987 (Caligari Film Award), Cinema du reel 1987 (Grand Prix)

11.05 / 14.00 / Yugoslav Film Archive
12.05 / 18.30 / Art cinema Kolarac