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Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre

Paulo Carneiro, Portugal, 2018, 69'

Paulo Carneiro takes us on the trail of his grandfather to Bostofrio in Portugal. It’s a journey in the time, which invites us to stay in this remote village where the inhabitants live from the land, at the gates where modernity seems to have stopped. Paulo, under cover of conducting the investigation on the history of this man who never recognized his children, paints a fragmented portrait of a world that is disappearing. It plunges us with delicacy and humor into the rural universe of this village. He puts his camera here and there, sometimes by the fire, more intimately, but most often further away, in order to free his characters from this intimidating presence, but especially to give way to the nature that invades the frame and seems indeed to reach the sky.

Director Paulo Carneiro
Producer Paulo Carneiro
Camera Pedro Neves
Editing André Valentim Almeida, Francisco Moreira, Paulo Carneiro

Festivals IndieLisboa International Film Festival Portugal 2018, FILMES DO
HOMEM – Festival Internacional de Documentário de Melgaço 2018

11.05 / 19.00 / Kombank cinema Hall 6 / Q&A
Paulo Carniero, Marko Grba Singh