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The White World According to Daliborek

Vít Klusák, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, UK, 2017, 105'

Daliborek lives in Prostějov (a small town in Moravia), where he paints parts in a factory, makes amateur horror movies, and writes angry songs. He is a radical neo-Nazi, but has never beat anybody up. He is pushing 40 but has never had a relationship with a woman; in fact, he still lives with his mother (63). He hates his job, his boss, gypsies, Jews, refugees, homosexuals, Angela Merkel, spiders, dentists, democracy and his mother. He can’t stand his life, but doesn’t know what to change. After we spent a year trying to persuade him, Daliborek finally agreed to be the subject of a semi-staged documentary film, made with an emphasis on visual stylization. Filming began just when Daliborek’s mother had the Facebook acquaintance of Vladimír (47) a Slovak who claims to be an active neo-Nazi and likes to say that he would like to “turn the gypsies into asphalt”. Soon thereafter, Daliborek meets Jana (29), a married woman from the neighborhood, but she is terminally ill…

Director Vít Klusák
Producers Filip Remunda, Vít Klusák
Camera Adam Kruliš
Editing Jana Vlčková

Festivals Bratislava 2018, Karlovy Vary 2017

14.05 / 21.30 / Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive - Kosovska