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Beldocs Reading Room in Belgrade City Library
News - 14.11.2018

In accordance with the mission and core values of the Beldocs festival, in association with the Belgrade City Library and the National Library of Serbia, the Beldocs Reading Room will present to the Belgrade audience a selection of world’s best documentary films, with accompanying talks with relevant figures from the worlds of art and the public life. This program will be composed of the most prominent foreign documentary films, as well as films created by Serbian filmmakers that have achieved remarkable success at festivals at home and abroad.

New program cycle starts on 15th November with screening of documentary film Mr. Gaga in Art Fond Reading Room in Belgrade City Library.

Beldocs Reading Room in Belgrade City Library
The best world documentaries with talks after the screenings

Art Fond Reading Room, Belgrade City Library
15.11.2018. at 19:00

Screening of the documentary Mr. Gaga, Tomer Heymann, 2015, 100`
Film reading: prof. Aleksandar Ilić, doc. Aleksandar Nikolić, asistents Mila Stijak and Katarina Bućić, Instiute for Art Dance and Igor Stanojević, Beldocs selector.