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Beldocs Academy

Beldocs Academy is a 3-full day course tutored by Francine Raveney, Kobi Shely and Milan Stojanović. It will be focused on how to make financial, marketing, distribution plan and business strategy along with making applications for Media and Eurimages funds. Throughout 3-day lectures, master classes and one-to-one session, participants are supposed to develop their projects and prepare for the public pitch.

At the end of the course, a public project pitch will be organized in front of wide range of international co-producers, distributers, sales and broadcasters providing possibility to the authors to get feedback as well as partners in future development.


Francine Raveney is a former Director of EWA Network (2013-2016) and is currently Head of Research and PR. She has been the executive producer of a number of films. As an expert in European co-productions, Francine regularly teaches at film schools and training courses, and acts as a project consultant, especially on gender policy. She is also working part-time at the Eurimages co-production fund. She studied French and English at Oxford University, followed by Women’s studies. She is committed to good communication and equality in the audiovisual sector.

Kobi Shely is an audience strategist professional, trainer and industry leader in digital film marketing support and execution. He also works with clients to reach their audience through various marketing channels and working closely with strategic partners. He was cofounder of two startup companies. His experience with online film marketing started back at 2007 with movie which made the top selling list on leading streaming platforms such as iTunes and Hulu, and aired on CNBC.

Milan Stojanović produced the award-winning debut by Ivan Ikic – Barbarians (2014 / Special Mention at Karlovy Vary FF) and co-produced Her Job by Greek filmmaker Nikos Labot (TIFF) and the new film by Cristi Puiu – Malmkrog (in post-production). Milan is an alumni of EAVE Producers Workshop, Berlinale Talents, Emerging Producers, Producers on the Move and a member of the European Film Academy.

Beldocs Academy Documentary Projects

Fairytale / Ukraine / directors Ulyana Osovska, Denis Strashny
A fairytale for kids based on true stories from the war and a real story of the old man, who came up with the idea to write it.

Flotation / Romania and Serbia / director Elune Zoe Aiano
Conditions in Majdanpek, Serbia, are so bad that even the dragons are leaving. A family of dragon hunters fight the local mine to keep their culture alive, using natural and supernatural weapons.

From Sevnica to the White House / Slovenia / director Jurij Gruden
What happens in a small town when the girl next door becomes First Lady of the USA?

Landing / Moldova / producer Natalia Imaz 
“I gave my father a video camera to start a conversation – a dialogue about home, separation and lack of time. How close can you get to somebody who’s constantly escaping…?”

Michel / Ukraine / director Ganna Laroshevych
Michel wants to have it all, but for now he needs to choose between the love of a woman and breeding buffaloes in Ukrainian mountains.

Once Upon a Family / Montenegro / director Sead Šabotić
While observing the quest of a mentally challenged couple to visit their daughter, the film questions normality and parenthood, within the institution where they grew up to adulthood and found a home, an education, and love.

The Constitution / Republic of North Macedonia / directors Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov
Vojo is a retired policeman who has been trying to make a perpetuum mobile machine for 15 year.

The Gate Between Us / Moldova, Romania / director Ioana Trifu 
Three residents of a psycho-neurological institution in Moldova are preparing for their lives back in the society that rejected them, as they face discrimination, past traumas, and their own anxieties and uncertainties.

The Price of Meat / Latvia / Kaspars Goba
19 years spent in documentary film, photography and contemporary art, a vegetarian film director returns to his childhood farm and becomes a cattle farmer. A very personal story about killing as a part of countryside life and questions asked during this process.

The Rear Admiral / Montenegro / Mladen Ivanović
27 years after the Serbo-Montenegrin assault on Dubrovnik, a young filmmaker honors the virtue of a Montenegrin Rear Admiral, whom refusing to execute the attack on the city, mysteriously loses his life.