Belarmino | Beldocs


Fernando Lopes, Portugal, 1964, 80'

Belarmino is not really a documentary about boxing, but a documentary about the life of a boxer, Belarmino Fragoso (1931–1982), at the end of his short career, and a very lively, frank, surprising portrait of the life of a common man in Lisbon during the 60’s. A major contribution for the astounding art quality of the film is the omnipresence of Augusto Cabrita, probably the best portuguese cameraman/photographer from the 50’ to the 70’s.

Director Fernando Lopes
Producer Anotnio da Cunha Telles
Camera Augusto Cabrita
Editing Manuel Ruas

Festivals Pesaro 1964, Salso-Paretto 1964

10.05 / 19.30 / Yugoslav Film Archive / Q&A
Agnes Wildenstein, Manuel Mozos, Marko Grba Singh