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now, at last!

Ben Rivers, UK, 2019, 38'

A sloth crawls up a branch at its own leisure and takes a nap, hanging on its head and with its long claws firmly planted in the rough bark. And there it hangs for half an hour, like the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins – and like someone who couldn’t care less. All until Rivers’s glorious film images in tactile black-and-white yield to the image’s psychedelic weight and breaks out into a tri-coloured triumph of 60s pop. Like a gentle parody of itself, the spectator as well as the entire cinematic apparatus, “now, at last” transforms the silver screen into a huge mirror of our own expectations, frustrations and free imagination.

Director Ben Rivers
Producer Bianca Volpi
Camera Ben Rivers
Editing Ben Rivers
Sloth Advisor Lucy Cooke

Festivals CPH:DOX 2019

Regional premiere

09.05 / 17.00 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade / Q&A
Marko Grba Singh