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Beldocs in Progress (BIP) International is a platform to present international documentary projects in progress from Western Balkans, Black Sea and Baltic countries to international industry. The aim is to support the production, post-production, distribution, and visibility of international documentaries from low production capacity countries at film festivals, on TV channels and VOD platforms by presenting the projects to festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, TV commissioning editors and potential co-producers. Fine cuts or 15 minutes edited scenes will be screened during presentations.

Projects 2019

Doctor, I’m Going to My Grave / Doktorice, pem v’ grobeka

Logline This film is about no doctors, too many patients, and zero nerves.

Synopsis The director is filming her mother’s GP practice while fighting the dysfunctional health system and troublesome patients. In the end she also fights herself, trying to figure out how much more she will continue to work while young doctors keep emigrating from Croatia on daily basis. As soon as she retires, there will be no one to replace her.

Director’s biography Nikolina Barić has a degree in Film Directing, English Studies and Archaeology. She participated in Sarajevo Talent Campus in 2008 where she received funds for her film Sarajevo Spring. In 2016 she received Script Development Funds for her feature film project Carolina von Karlovac, and in 2017 for her documentary project Doctor, I’m going to My Grave. Her films (fiction and documentary) were shown on festivals, television and online.

Director/Producer Nikolina Barić
Expected duration 40’
Shooting format Full HD
Expected delivery September 2019
Language Croatian
Budget 35,900 EUR
Financing in place 22 900 EUR
Production country Croatia
Production company Nikolina Barić j.d.o.o.
Contact Nikolina Barić, Producer / Director,, +385 91 523 73 61

Telenovela: Grey-Scale in Color / Telenovela en gris y multicolor

Logline Filip was born in Belgrade, Serbia but was raised in Barcelona, Spain. He asks himself a simple question: where is he actually from?

Synopsis It has been 26 years since Filip’s (30) family has emigrated from Serbia to Spain. Filip’s father passed away when Filip was 12 and was buried in Barcelona. Today Filip lives in Belgrade and is trying to find an answer to a simple question: Where is he from? Filip starts his journey by visiting various members of his family in search of answers concerning his identity, why they left their country and where should one be buried after death. In the end he won’t find the answers he seeks. Parallel to his search, a re-enactment of a particular past event of Filip’s life is being prepared in Belgrade. It will be a recreation of the moment when his family is leaving the country and are saying their goodbyes to their family and friends in the form of popular Latino soap operas, which had left an impact on the Serbian people during the 90s.

Director’s biography Filip Martinović was born in Belgrade in 1988. He graduated graphic design in Escola Massana in Barcelona in 2008. In 2018 he finished his academic master studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He worked as a visual artist in the Serbian Broadcast Corporation making several visual identities for TV shows. He also was the director of documentary series Put u budućnost about the history of art in Yugoslavia.

Director / Scriptwriter Filip Martinović
Producer Nikola Savićević
Expected duration 70’
Format 2K, COLOR 16:9
Premiere End of 2019
Language Serbian, Catalan, Spanish
Budget 38.500,00 €
Financing in place 34.381,00 €
Production countries Serbia, Spain, Croatia
Production companies GULU GULU presenta, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Cinnamon
Contact Nikola Savićević, Producer, + 381 60 095 1909,

Work in Progress Presentations

Endangered Species / Nykstančios rūšys

Logline Endangered Species is not a story about overfishing or endangered varieties of fish. It is the story of a unique but endangered group of people: the fishermen of Lithuania’s Curonian Spit.

Synopsis This film tells the story of three stoic, elderly fishermen of Nida facing their fate: the decline of the fishing business. We travel back in time to the summer of 2011 when the fishermen’s dock and the old ways of fishing were still in use, and follow the lives of these men to the present day. The camera reveals how circumstances tighten the noose around this unique community: as fish stocks in the Curonian lagoon and the Baltic Sea are drastically depleted, the fishermen lose their dock and are pushed out of Nida. Finally, we watch as their dock is demolished. Yet still, the fishermen bury their heads in the sand and refuse to accept reality. All the while they talk about the big fish they once caught, share captivating stories from their past, and try to cling on to what remains of their business.

Director’s biography Šarunas Mikulskis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1972. He studied architecture at Vilnius Academy of Arts, graduating with a Master of Arts degree. In 2005 he directed his first short film, Censorship, which was selected for the Forum of Independents programme at the Karlovy Vary IFF. In 2006 he directed his second short film, Mandabalu. This won the awards for best screenplay and best direction in the short films category at the AXX film festival. Šarunas is currently working on his first documentary film, Endangered Species, and developing a feature-length film, Fredis.

Director Šarunas Mikulskis
Producer Kęstutis Drazdauskas, Justė Michailinaitė
Expected duration 54‘
Shooting format HD
Expected Delivery 2019
Language Lithuanian
Budget 78 000 EUR
Financing in place 51 800 EUR
Production country Lithuania
Production company ARTBOX laisvalaikio klubas
Contact Justė Michailinaitė / Producer, +370 675 78746,

Ivan`s Land / Zemlya Ivana

Logline Ivan’s life is defined my nature, mysticism, and art. When the works of the 80 years old artist are exhibited in Kyiv for the first time, modern world values clash with Ivan’s own ideals of life.

Synopsis Ivan lives a simple life in an Ukrainian village, feeding his animals and working his fields. But he is also a great artist of a dying art form. An art collector tracks him down and soon after more art enthusiasts and journalists stand in Ivan’s garden, surprised and amazed by his work. Ivan is invited to show his works in Kyiv. There he faces the enthusiasm but also the urge to intellectualize his art by the contemporary art world. The expedition becomes a big success but although urban life in the capital offers many amenities, he also is a stranger in this world. Ivan gets back on his bike, happily smiling as he is getting back to a life that holds the key to his happiness – the source and inspiration to his art.

Director’s biography Born in Kiev in 1982, Andrij Lysetskyj represents the third generation of the most talented DOP’s of Ukraine. He graduated from Kiev National Karpenko-Kary University majoring in Cinema and Television, now with his filmography counting over 30 films and numerous awards. Ivan’s Land will be his first work as a director of a documentary.

Director and DoP Andrij Lysetskyj
Producers Gennady Kofman, Olga Beskhmelnytsina (Ukrania)
Co-producers Dirk Simon (Germany), Uldis Cekulis (Latvia)
Expected duration 75’/53’
Expected delivery 2019
Language Ukrainian
Budget 156,009 EUR
Financing in place 78,609 EUR
Production countries Ukraine, Latvia, Germany
Production companies MaGiKa Film, Boxee Media UG, VFS Films
Contact Olga Beskhmelnytsina / Producer, +380 50 312 2949,

No Man’s Land / La Tierra de Nadie

Logline Ukraine in turmoil. In the midst of an unparalleled national crisis, set off by the clashes of Maidan in Kiev, various anonymous characters will attempt to change their destiny. In the end they will realize that all they have is each other.

Synopsis After the bloody uprising in Kiev at the end of February 2014, Viktor Yanukovich, the president of Ukraine, fled to Russia and the country was left in the hands of a provisional government. Tensions in the country skyrocketed with the “occupation” of Crimea by unidentified, Russian forces who were celebrated by most of the clearly pro-Russian population on the peninsula. Across this landscape, we meet our two heroes. Katya, a young prostitute who travels from Kiev to Crimea, looking for a fresh start in her hometown, now a “new” country. Sasha, a former soldier in the Crimean unit of the Ukrainian army, is relieved of his command and forced to go home from the checkpoints of the boarder isthmus. But big movements in a divided country, full of borders and checkpoints, are not going to be easy. This is a journey of a young couple across the Ukrainian conflict in a new border between East and West. This is their last chance to reinvent their destiny in the vast and forgotten landscape of their no man’s land.

Director’s biography Born in Madrid, in 1979. Miguel Ángel Jiménez quit Law School to study Cinematography. In 2001, his first short movie Las huellas, was coproduced by Aki Kaurismaki. In 2007, he founded Kinoskopik Film Produktion. His second film, Chaika, filmed in Georgia and Kazakhstan, was given Best director’s debut in Plus Camerimage in 2012. Y en Cada Lenteja un Dios, his second documentary film, premiered in San Sebastian Film Festival 2018 and in Berlinale 2019.

Director Miguel Ángel Jiménez
Producer George Todria
Expected duration 120’
Shooting format Digital
Expected Delivery 2020
Language Russian, Ukranian
Budget 230 000 EUR
Financing in place 30 000 EUR
Production countries Georgia, Spain
Production companies Archanda Films, Kinoskopik Film Produktion
Contact George Todria / Producer, +995 595 355 750,

Place of Love / Место любви

Logline This is a coming of age story, about looking for love. About finding and losing it. Again and again. In a place where you expect it the least.

Synopsis Young people visit a social center, but unexpectedly turn it into a place of burning passions and lust for life. The Place of Love under its roof unites 4 remarkable characters of distinctive nature and “gipsy” attitude to life, each with own intimate and dramatic story to tell: Vadim, local Don Juan, breaks girls’ hearts, but suffers from deep solitude; Tanya possessively desires to marry her beloved man and defends her love from rivals; Olya, a young pure soul, is being betrayed by boys and humiliated by girls for their attention towards her; Denis in his turn is on the crossroads between two passionately women in love with him having no idea if he loves any of them – all with brilliant humor and character strength, ability to love and strong desire to be loved no matter what.

Director’s biography Liuba Zemtsova is documentary director, DoP and editor based in Belarus. Studied in Wajda School DOK PRO program (2015-2016), Warsaw, Poland Belarusian State Academy of Arts – Documentary filmmaking (2009-2014). Currently works on 2 feature-length docs: The Place of Love (postproduction) and Artyom’s Upbringing (in production) supported by IDFA Bertha Fund for development in 2017.

Director Liuba Zemtsova
Producers Vladimir Mikhailovski, Mikalai Laureniuk (Belarus)
Co-producer Mikhael Khorbaladze (Georgia)
Expected duration 60’
Shooting format Full HD
Expected Delivery Summer / Autumn 2019
Language Russian
Budget 26 105 EUR
Financing in place 6 105 EUR
Production country Belarus
Production company Illusion Film Company, Belarus
Partners attached Current Time TV Chanel, USA
Contact Vladimir Mikhailovski / Producer, +375 (29) 766 38 56,

Roses. Film – Cabaret / Рози. Фільм- кабаре

Logline Documentary musical, featuring 7 actresses of the freak cabaret Dakh Daughters Band, a universal portrait of an artist against the background of revolution.

Synopsis Documentary musical, featuring seven female artists of the freak cabaret Dakh Daughters Band, a theatrical musical project which was founded not long before Maidan Revolution of 2014. It is a collective portrait of an artist under extreme conditions of pain and loss. Film presents a special take on the Maidan revolution, showing it through the eyes of the artists – through the female eyes – which gives it a particular perspective: humane rather than epic, celebrating life rather than heroic deeds. Life is a cabaret for the heroines of the film, so Roses is a film-cabaret, where music hardly stops, pace never slows, and acting becomes something genuinely sincere.

Director’s biography Irena Stetsenko, first time director, in her first profession as the sound producer worked with broadcasters, film projects and musicians. Since 2013, have been fully attached to the Dakh Daughters Band as a sound producer and a director of their music documentary video-stories. In 2017 graduated from Serhiy Bukovsky’s DocWorkshop with diploma in documentary filmmaking.

Director Irena Stetsenko
Producers Oleksandra Kravchenko, Oleg Sosnov
Expected duration 85’
Shooting format HD
Expected Delivery October 2019
Language Ukrainian, Russian, English
Budget 117 956 EUR
Financing in place 73 972 EUR
Production country Ukrainia
Production company GTL RLGN (Ukraine)
Partner Ukrainian Cultural Fund
Contact Oleksandra Kravchenko / Producer, +380 67 996 7771,

Salt from Bonneville

Logline It’s an adventure drama about Nazar and Max – two guys from Ukraine and an old Soviet bike, who set an ambitious goal to beat the world speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats in USA and test of their friendship.

Synopsis The story of this adventure drama is about Nazar and Max – two guys from Ukraine and an old soviet bike – and the ambitious goal they set themselves to beat the world speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA. This dry salt desert is the meeting point for hundreds of people from all over the world, who spend millions of dollars on their quest to become the next speed racing champion. Nazar and Max spend all their time assembling their bike in a small garage on the outskirts of Kyiv, travelling hundreds of miles and overcoming countless obstacles to make their dreams come true. And then, on the other side of the world, they both come to realise why they are there.

Director’s biography Simon Mozgovyi is director and actor, born in 1992 in Kharkiv. He finished specialized English school. In 2009 Simon Mozgovyi entered Kharkiv state academy of Arts, directing movie and TV department. In 2013 he finished his studies. Moved to Kyiv in 2013. In 2012-2013 he studied dramaturgy inschool at TV channel “Inter”. In 2013 he started to play in “DAKH” theatre. He works as a freelance director.

Director Simon Mozgovyi
Producer Anton Khilman
Co-producers Taras Bosak, Maksim Leshchanka, Artem Koliubaiev
Expected duration 115’ / 2 x 52’
Shooting format 4K
Expected Delivery February 2020
Language English, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish
Budget 178 000 EUR
Financing in place 117 000 EUR
Production countries Ukraine, Georgia, Netherlands, Poland
Production companies Mainstream Pictures, Atlant Media Group, Stewopol, Postred Audio
Contact Anton Khilman, Producer, +38 063 313 2006,