Beldocs Pro radionica

Yugoslav Film Archive
May 9-12, 2017
10:00 – 14:00 / Attic

Beldocs Pro Workshop
Project Development Workshop for Young European Authors

Beldocs Pro Workshop is a film workshop programme destined at young film professionals and film students from European countries with low production capacity with the aim of increasing capacities in the field of documentary production. Six authors will participate with their projects at different production stages: from early project development, to rough cut versions. The specificity of this programme is that it will be designed to fit the needs of each one of the selected projects – and thus the small number of participants. Each participant will have a tutor assigned (an experienced film professional – director, editor or producer), with whom they will work on developing their documentary film projects.

BELDOCS PRO – Selected projects:

CONSUMING CONTEMPORARY – dir. Ana Aleksovska – Macedonia
Current phase of the project: early production
Expected duration: 30 min.

Logline: Among the most frequent visitors of art events in Skopje there is a small group of charming, middle-aged people. For almost 20 years now, they draw the cultural map of the city each night, searching for the free goods – whether it is some art or food that is being served in the galleries.

DIARY OF A SERIOUS OFFENDER – dir. Danilo Ceković – Serbia
Current phase of the project: editing rough cut
Expected duration: 50 min.

Logline: Diary of a Serious Offender is a visual journey that takes us through Danilo’s life as he serves out his sentence, while the relationship with his girlfriend becomes strained. Danilo spends the summer shooting a video diary and overcoming his issues by maturing both emotionally and physically.

ŠKOLA HODANJA 2 / LEARNING TO WALK 2 – dir. Jelena Novaković – Croatia
Current phase of the project: script development
Expected duration: 70 min.

Logline: Memories were erased by a single wrong click of a keyboard. Through an insight into a long adventure of creativity, the search for the lost begins again.

Jednim pogrešnim dodirom tastature izbrisana su zapisana sjećanja. Uvidom u dugogodišnju stvaralačku avanturu ponovo započinjemo potragu za izgubljenim.

DA NAM ŽIVI, ŽIVI RAD / LONG LIVE LABOR – dir. Nikolina Hrga – Croatia
Current phase of the project: in production
Expected duration: 25 min.

Logline: A patchwork window onto Croatia through the lens of female textile workers across the country that shows how their lives changed in post-industrial reality.

QUESTIONNAIRE – dir. Nataliya Ilchuk – Ukraine
Current phase of the project: in production
Expected duration: 20 min.

Logline: Winter 2006. 20-year-old Natalia is dating a boy, but is secretly in love with her best friend Ania who is an out bisexual. 11 years later, Natalia organizes an LGBT film festival in Kyiv. She dares to invite Ania to come to one of the screenings, even though she knows that Ania is now married to a man.

TREMOR – dir. Marianna Vas – Hungary
Current phase of the project: research and development
Expected duration: 72 min.

Logline: Ballad about a border fence and a peculiar creature with no eyes or ears, living underground in the Carpathian Basin since ancient times.