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Guidance Through the Black Hole

Zlatko Pranjić, Aleksandar Nikolić, Srbija, 2017, 74’

Sule is a Bosnian poet and artist who has been living in London for 40 years. Unsatisfied with his life there, he projects all his troubles on his immigrant destiny, wallowing in idyllic memories of his beloved Banja Luka. Stuck in a rut, Sule gets one last chance to turn his life around when the Bosnian embassy in London invites him to exhibit a series of his paintings entitled: ‘Guidance Through the Black Hole’.

Directed by Zlatko Pranjić, Aleksandar Nikolić
Cinematography by Aleksandar Nikolić
Edited by Aleksandar Nikolić
Music Vesna Josić
Production Braidmade Films (UK), Paradox Film (RS), The Theatre With Accent (BA)

Festivals Sarajevo Film Festival 2017, DokuBazar Ljubjana, DocFeed Eindhoven

08.05 / 21.00 / Belgrade Cultural Center / Q&A Zlatko Pranjić Aleksandar Nikolić