About us

Since its foundation, Beldocs Festival has had a clear aim – to bring closer the contemporary documentary films and their authors to the Serbian audience and, in that way, to put Belgrade on the map of large cities with a respectable documentary film festival. Year on year, despite all problems and difficulties encountered, the Festival has been getting stronger and stronger and ambitions have increased. The number of films has grown with every subsequent festival edition, as well as the number of prestigious guests from abroad.

However, the Festival focus is still on the Serbian films and improvement of the Serbian documentary film-making. We wholeheartedly support the promotion of the Serbian documentary film, not only with the competition programme, but also with Beldocs Market and Beldocs in Progress platform, which presents projects in making that are looking for additional financing.

Furthermore, one of the aims of the Festival is to search for young talents, coming both from Serbia and abroad. Therefore, already for two years in a row, we have been organizing Beldocs Academy, in which several young European directors work with mentors on bettering their scripts and films. This project is of vital importance, as it creates the basis for promotion of new authors and future great names of documentary film-making.

As a cultural event, Beldocs, with its existence, is trying to contribute to normality, humanity and reconciliation among people, thus becoming an oasis of culture during seven festival days, in which differences are tolerated, art is promoted and documentary films enjoyed.

The film is a powerful art and a strong medium that connects people from different continents. Probably in no other form of art can the truth be that easily recognized as it is on film, documentary film in particular. Without the truth, we are doomed to an empty existence and failure. Documentary films show us invisible people, invisible and visible problems, political injustice and sociological phenomena. We think that documentary film is a mirror of the time in which it is created and that images of life are a necessary requirement for humanization of the society.

This year we are eagerly awaiting dear guest from all over the world and we would like to thank in advance to our appreciative audience for their trust. We will be screening 98 films in 14 different sections and 11 cinemas. We have introduced new selections, programmes and strengthened our team.

Hoping that we will never betray your trust.

Best regards,

Beldocs Team