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Nighttime with Mojca

Vlado Škafar, Slovenia, 2008, 35'

First there was eight years of catching the voices on the radio. The voices that live only in the night are telling the stories of daily life. They are maybe nothing special, but they want to be shared. When they are not shared during the day and with people that should care, they are thrown into the night.

And there was catching the images of daily life with Super 8 camera. Daytime images. One image one reel. Images with people, images without voice.

At the end, voices are catching the images, images voices. A meditation of human being, a play with time.

Hommage to Jean-Claude Rousseau.

Author Vlado Škafar
Radio host Mojca Blažej Cirej
Super 8 transfer Borko Radešček
Executive producer Petra Vidmar
Producer Vlado Škafar
Co-producer Gustav Film, 100

Festivals FID Marseille, 2009

12.05 / 17.30 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade / Q&A Vlado Škafar