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Let The Summer Never Come Again

Aleksandre Koberidze, Georgia, 2017, 202'

A young man comes to the city from a village to audition for a dance company. He takes part in ilegal, underground street fights for money. He sleeps with men for money. He falls in love with a man. He starts to dance in a company. The man he loves goes to the war. The Film is interested in this story, but not less (if not more) in things happening around.

Author, director, DoP, production, editor Aleksandre Koberidze
Cast Mate Kevlishvili, Giorgi Bochorishvili
Production Nutsa Tsikaridze, Keti Kipiani

Festivals Woche der Kritik 2017, 13. Achtung Berlin, FID Marseille International Film Festival, 12. UNDERDOX Filmfestival, 24 FIC Valdivia International Film Festival Chile, 10. Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, Caligari Kino Wiesbaden, 35. Torino International Film Festival, 5. TRANSCINEMA, Tbilisi International Film Festival, Museum’s First Look Festival New York, FICUNAM International Film Festival in Mexico City, 8. IBAFF. Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia, 15. Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg

14.05 / 15.00 / Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade