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On the Edge of Freedom

Jens Lengerke, Anita Mathal Hopland, 2017, 75'

Moscow and Kyiv. Angela and Vlad. Two young and talented people brought together by an unusual passion for the extravagant and public conquest of forbidden parts of the city. Tall buildings, underground tunnels or freight trains are the new pastimes of a young generation yearning to get out of the rut, escape a predictable future and find fame among their peers through risky “urbex” videos. “This is a portrait of a new generation we rarely hear about. It is a film about the human behind an extreme phenomenon.”

Directed by Anita Mathal Hopland, Jens Lengerke
Produced by Anders Bruus, Søren Steen Jespersen
Music by Alfred Benedict, Morten Svenstrup
Edited by Mikael Ebbesen

08.05 / 18.30 / Muzej jugoslovenske kinoteke - Kosovska / Q&A Anita Mathal Hopland
Mikael Ebbesen
09.05 / 17.00 / Cinema Fontana