Mini Doc

Beldocs Mini Docs workshops provided an opportunity for all interested students of high school age the opportunity to learn the basics of directing documentary film, starting from preproduction, going through production, all the way to postproduction. After the tehoretical section of the workshop, during which mentors Igor Stanojević and Marko Grba Singh held a series of workshops and discussions which dealt with different aspects of creating a documentary film, came the practical part and making the documentary itself. As a result of that process, in cooperation with the City of Sremska Mitrovica and Moon Multimedia, a short documentary was created titled The Secrets of the Golden Gate, in the creation of which Dimitrije Krstajić, Kristina Simić, Vladimir Malbašić and Branimir Pavlović took part.

The workshops were held on the 26th, 27th, 30th and the 31st of July 2018. in the classrooms of the Parobrod Cultural Centre. Together we covered the basics of the film language, the history of documentary cinema, the various types and subgenres of documentary film as well as the written analysis.

The film The Secrets of the Golden Gate is currently in the final stages of postproduction and its gala premiere is scheduled for november 2018. at the Parobod Cultural Centre.

Sremska Mitrovica / Sirmium was one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire and as such, is incredibly rich in historical and archeological heritage. The legend of the Sirmium Golden Gate, which is supposedly currently rotting at the bottom of the Sava river, is fairly widespread among the citizens of Sremska Mitrovica. Employing the investigative approach, the author grapples with the myriad myths related to his town and uses his film to educate the audience.