Master Classes

Yugoslav Film Archive
1 Uzun Mirkova Street, Belgrade
May 8 – 12, 2018


May 8, 2018
Master class: Boris Mitic
‘How to Film Nothing’

10:00 – 12:00 / Multimedia Room

A quirky overview of the creative and production challenges in the making of ‘In Praise of Nothing’, a whistle-blowing documentary parody that started in bankrupt Serbia as a pure rhetorical provocation and took 8 years to make, shuffling its way through 20.000 pages of a most eclectic bibliography, a crew of 62 cinematographers in 70 countries and a narration – in simple childlike verse – by Iggy Pop.

Boris Mitic was born in 1977 in Leskovac, southern Serbia. Lived on a few continents, worked for a few years for the most prestigious global media, understood a few things and dedicated the rest of his life to creative parenting, creative football and creative documentaries. Four films, 200+ festivals, 20 awards, 18 broadcasters, global lecturing track record. Plays blitz-chess for money, which he then spends on breakfast.

May 9, 2018
Master class: João Pedro Rodrigues
‘Between Fiction and Documentary’

10:30 – 12:30 / Main Hall
Moderator: Petar Mitric

Without a doubt, one of the leading contemporary directors, the author of the films ‘Fantom’ and ‘Ornithologist’, is coming to Belgrade for the first time. We talk about the boundaries of reality and fiction, myths and religion, sexuality, contemporary ethnology, wandering, Lisbon, art and life. Conceived in the form of a conversation with the audience, the masterclass aims to present the methods of work of this extraordinary artist.

The director and screenwriter João Pedro Rodrigues presented the audience with a short film ‘Happy Birthday!’ (1997) awarded at Venice film Festival, to appear shortly on the same festival in the Golden Lion competition, now a cult movie ‘Fantom’ (2000). Celebrated as a new voice then the almost invisible Portuguese cinematography in the coming years records ‘Odet’ and ‘Die as a man’ who shows at the Cannes Festival as well as several documentary and short experimental films. For the last feature feature film ‘Ornithologist’ (2016) he was awarded the Golden Lepard for Best Director at Locarno.

Master class: Abel Ferrara
‘Directing Oneself: How to Maintain an Auteur Film Career?’

13:00 – 15:00 / Main Hall
Introduction by: Nikolina Baric

Photo: Aude Guerrucci

Abel Ferrara is one the world’s last film rebel. He managed to move from one genre to another always preserving his artistic freedom. How is this achieved and what are the skills an independent filmmaker needs to obtain, we shall discover from the artist himself, Mr. Abel Ferrara.

May 10, 2018
Master class: Gürcan Keltek
‘Documenting and Writing Personal-Political Memory on Meteors’

10:30 – 12:30 / Multimedia Room
Moderator: M. Cem Öztüfekçi

Keltek will talk about the creation processes of his films as aesthetical reactions to political conflicts in Istanbul, Cyprus and the Kurdish region in Anatolia by showing excerpts from ‘Meteors’ (2017), ‘Colony’ (2015) and ‘Overtime’ (2012).

Gürcan Keltek was born in 1973 in Turkey. He studied Film at Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, faculty of Fine Arts. His short film ‘Overtime’ (2012) was selected at several festivals, including Vision Du Réel and DOK Leipzig. He then made a medium-length film, ‘Colony’ (2015), which premiered at FiDMarseille. Keltek’s first feature film ‘Meteors’ (2017) had its world premiere at the film festival of Locarno.

May 11, 2018
Master class: Ruth Beckermann
‘Re-Constructing the History with Present images on The Waldheims Walzer’

10:30 – 12:30 / Multimedia Room
Moderator: Mila Turajlic

Beckermann visited the public archive images and her personal footage in order to reveal the truth of the past with present images today for people to face the fascism and totalitarianism that is still being constantly re-created by using the official history. She will share insights about her point of view and on how to construct the truth.

Ruth Beckermann has been creating essay films and documentaries for 40 years. Most of her films premiered at Berlinale or Cinema du Reel. She has taught at universities in Vienna, Salzburg and Chicago. Co-founder of Austria’s documentary association Interessensgemeinschaft Österreichischer Dokumentarfilm (, chairwoman 2000 – 2008). Freelance author and filmmaker, lives in Vienna and Agay.

HBO Europe – Case Study
‘Case study on The Other Side of Everything’

13:00 – 15:00 / Multimedia Room
With: Hanka Kastelicová (HBO Europe Commissioning Editor & Producer) and Mila Turajlic (filmmaker)

*May 10 – 15:00 / Industry Screening ‘The Other Side of Everything’ by Mila Turajlić / Belgrade Cultural Center, 6 Kolarceva Street

Kastelicová will present the working approach of HBO Europe on co-productions and Turajlic will talk about her creative process during production of the film and her creative collaboration with HBO Europe.

Hanka Kastelicová is responsible for the development and production of HBO Europe’s documentary films as the executive producer. She earned a Master of Arts degree from the Faculty of Film and TV Documentary Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She continued with her professional career in Slovenia, where she worked for more than 25 years as a documentary director and producer.

Mila Turajlic is a Serbian documentary filmmaker. Her film ‘The Other Side of Everything’ (2017) received 14 awards including IDFA Award for Best Documentary Film. The film is HBO Europe’s first co-production with Serbia. Her first feature doc, ‘Cinema Komunisto’ played at over 80 festivals (Tribeca, IDFA, Hot Docs) and won 16 awards including the ‘Gold Hugo’ at Chicago International Film Festival.

May 12, 2018
Master class: Ulrich Seidl

13:00 – 15:30 / Multimedia Room
Moderator: Petar Mitric

Photo: Sepp Dreissinger

Although he does not consider himself a documentary filmmaker, Seidl is known to the film public about a unique expression on the foggy border between documentary and feature film. Always up-to-date and contemporary, through the stories of the everyday life of small heroes, Seidl puts a mirror in front of the audience to reflect the state of modern society. The Master class in the Film Archive will introduce us to the poetry of the controversial Austrian director who marked the European cinema of the 21st century.

After several successful atypical documentaries including ‘Animal Love’ (1996) and ‘Models’ (1999), Ulrich Seidl presents his first feature film ‘Dog Days’ (2001), awarded with the Special Jury Award in Venice. Following are the films of the authentic authorial seal ‘Export-Import’ (2007) and the trilogy ‘Paradise: Love’ (2012), ‘Feith’ (2012) and ‘Hope’ (2013) premiered at festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Loyal to the home country, this author in Austria and its inhabitants finds an eternal inspiration for his unconventional works. The last feature film ‘Safari’ (2016) is premiered in Venice.