The contemporary Serbian documentary film-making abounds with both original and stylistically diverse, but nevertheless equally provocative works.

12 exceptional films, a well-balanced selection of works comprising both films by established authors, who are undoubtedly already a part of film history, and stylistically mature young authors...

On the occasion of marking 70 years since the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights, Beldocs presents this programme of films on the topics of genocide, human trafficking and capital punis...

Selection of radical arthouse documentaries, hybrid genres and documentary-fictional forms provide the viewer with the insight into diversity and freedom that film expression can possess.

From uprising against the dictatorship in the Democratic Republic of Congo to impact of Brexit – the Front Page selection presents front pages of the global current political and sociological...

The films in this selection are characterised by both a committed approach to nature and anthropological research of densely populated and virtually unpopulated areas all around the planet.

Cinematic stories about contemporary or historically significant people who shaped our society.

The selection includes a broad spectrum of different musicians and performers, ranging from modern pop artists to experimental noise.

Multi-coloured film explosions narrate about rapturing, incredible or dynamic people and events, proving that even seemingly small stories can in its essence be magnificent.

Six new documentaries from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be shown in
the Focus Selection, marking 100th anniversary of the first independence of the Baltic states.

In his work, Seidl is predominantly focused on people on the edge of society and through their individual stories he speaks about the many. The retrospective includes six films.

As one of the most important authors from former Yugoslavia, Škafar with his meditative and subtle non-narrative films shapes the world in which lie is doomed to fail.

Within special screenings, we focus mainly on films with current topics from the former Yugoslav republics.

History of cinematography, futuristic predictions of Artur Clark, VR museum with Nikola Tesla as a curator, and rebirth of the ecosystem through the eventful VR journey.