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Capoeira: Inside the Game

Jorge Itapuã, Brazil, 2017, 73’

Two travelling capoeira players, Jorge Itapuã and Ella (Isabél Zuaa) master and disciple, go on a journey to meet capoeira movement of other countries, which awakens strong feelings that transform their relationship for life.

Directed by Jorge Itapuã
Edited by Jorge Itapuã, Rodrigo Savastano and Yan Motta
ProducersCarol Benjamin, Jorge Itapuã, Leandra Leal and Rita Toledo
Production CompanyDaza Filmes

Festivals Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano – La Habana, Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo – São Paulo, Festival Guarnicê – Maranhã, Brazil, Maranhão na Tela – Maranhão, San Diego Latino Film Festival

European premiere

08.05 / 22.00 / Belgrade Youth Centre / Q&A Jorge Itapuã
11.05 / 21.00 / Cultural Centre Vlada Divljan / Q&A Jorge Itapuã